The Most Appreciated Benefits of Cloud Hosting
The Most Appreciated Benefits of Cloud Hosting

The cloud computing technology turned out to be beneficial for businesses across the globe very soon after it was released. The scalable technology is now widely used as a hosting solution that offers impressive customization features, practically unlimited storage options, easy accessibility to information, and reliable backup/recovery mechanisms. The web hosting Dubai sector witnessed a significant increase in the demand for cloud hosting solutions last year. 

All of this attributes to the impact of the technology in web hosting. But what makes it unique from dedicated servers that ruled the market? 

For starters, businesses highly value their capacity to access information from various locations without hindrances. Cloud computing promises that and more. It allows easy access to information through console applications, and also facilitates communication with the business' staff and customers. So basically, you can control your business from anywhere with internet access via multiple platforms like PC, laptops, and hand-held devices. 

Here are the most appreciated benefits of cloud hosting

Saves Cash

The cloud saves cash for smaller businesses as such businesses wouldn't be using every component of big business applications. Most of those components would be idle for a long time while the business grows. When it comes to web hosting, cloud solutions allow one to purchase and use just the resources they need. This results in considerable budget savings, while avoiding the cost of using software licenses with big price tags.

Server Space

Small businesses may eventually grow in volume, increasing the need for bigger storage space to accommodate increasing data. They can invest in IT infrastructure support and procure expensive maintenance and backup gear. However, this will cost them a lot. Cloud hosting, just like VPS hosting, allows them to purchase the services and server space they will need for their growth as part of their package. They won't have to pay for buying hardware or for software upgrades and security. 

Sync Everything

Cloud computing allows one to synchronize their data across multiple connected devices in real-time. If the data is stored on a localized computer, not everyone can access it when necessary. Cloud technology stores the data in a centralized server, facilitating access to anyone authorized from anywhere through either desktops, laptops, or handheld devices. 

Security & Disaster Recovery

One of the biggest challenges small companies with websites face is data security and disaster recovery. Most of those companies may not be capable of investing in or afford the infrastructure that facilitates effective disaster recovery and provides reliable security. Cloud hosting solutions come at reasonable prices with more than enough security to preserve and protect mission critical data. The data will be stored across multiple remote servers managed by highly secure data centers. Backup and recovery can be performed without hassle.

Remote Access

As mentioned above, the cloud provides easier, hassle-free real-time accessibility to information. This can be of great benefit to SMBs (Small-medium sized businesses). Using PCs, laptops or handheld devices, you will be able to get instant access to data and files from a centralized server. The remote access feature of the cloud also allows you to communicate and collaborate with other users seamlessly from anywhere. This feature, in turn, enhances overall business productivity.

Access to Enterprise-class Applications at a Reasonable Cost

Many small enterprises often require access to specific functionalities to boost their business growth, and may not be able to afford the resources. Cloud technology gives them the access to enterprise-class applications that would meet their specific business requirements at a reasonable cost.