Useful things to Know before Choosing SEO Friendly Webhosting Providers
Useful things to Know before Choosing SEO Friendly Webhosting Providers

A bunch of things that influence your site’s SEO depend on the quality of service you get from your hosting provider. SEO need persistent attention to several factors, and some of the liabilities fall on to the website owner, while others depend on the hosting provider’s capabilities. The right hosting provider can play a big role in helping your SEO. The below sections discuss the four things you should seek out while choosing a web hosting company. 


1.      Boost Your SEO with Top Quality Web Hosting Security


For website owners, security should be the primary focus. They are accountable in keeping the customer data safe. Website security also has a serious impact on SEO because search engines consistently rank secure websites over the insecure ones. For search engines, the principal difference between secure and insecure is that if it has a SSL certificate.


SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), allows the browsers and servers to use an encrypted connection called HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) and with 95% of the traffic is directed to such sites. HTTPS is a positive ranking factor and an efficient SEO strategy. A leading SEO hosting company in UAE will make it easy to apply an SSL certificate to your website.   


2.      SEO-Friendly Domain Registration


Opting for a  web hosting company in Dubai that combines domain registration into their web hosting plan would be a wise choice. It is crucial to have an SEO- friendly domain in Dubai, which reflects your brand ideas and that has your primary keyword.


The process of getting a domain is an easy process and SEO hosting companies offers it along with their other services at a low cost or at time for free.

While dealing with a top quality SEO hosting provider, the support team will help you choose a domain name which is SEO-focused.

3.      Demand a high Performing Website


The user experience should be excellent irrespective of the user’s location. This is because search engines results served by the search engine is location based. Hence, with respective to site performance and its impact on SEO, your sites ranking in a country domain will be based on page loading speed of your site on that country.


Your hosting provider can provide assistance in that by using a content delivery network (CDN) which is essentially a network of servers in different locations that direct content to users nearer to those servers. CDNs share a major component of the internet connectivity that many site owners are unaware of, but they are essential for SEO web hosting.             


4.      Speed and Reliability


Page Speed is an important factor for SEO. Studies say that about 40% of consumers will no longer wait for more than three seconds. Google in its many posts had made it amply clear that page speed is one of the major metrics for ranking pages.


 A slow site also makes it difficult for search engines to crawl. The search engines moves on after a certain limit, even if it has not indexed all your pages or not. The down side to it is that some of your keyword-laced content won’t be used to rank search results.


To avoid the adverse consequences that slow page loading or site downtime can have on your long terms SEO strategy, you should choose a cloud hosting provider in UAE that  uses sophisticated, high-performance servers and equipment.