Is Cloud and VPS hosting the best for your client?
Is Cloud and VPS hosting the best for your client?

At some point during the initial stages of the development course, your customer will require to decide how and where the site should be hosted for top performance, security, and configuration choices.


As a consultant, it’s your duty to help your customers decide which is the paramount website hosting service for their needs. The kind of web hosting required depends on the needs of the trade and the purpose of the website.


Broadly speaking, there are three categories of web hosting: Shared hosting, Platform/CMS-specific hosting, and Cloud and VPS hosting.

Here, we are going to discuss Cloud and VPS hosting.


Cloud and VPS hosting

Cloud and VPS hosting is perfect for high-traffic and large websites and applications.

Cloud and VPS hosting refers to servers in which you have the peak level of access to the websites. This kind of hosting suits the most complex websites. If you are offering an application or service that wants a great level of flexibility and customization, you can go with cloud hosting in UAE.

Cloud and VPS hosting Pros

More control:

Cloud and VPS hosting gives you the best control over the website out of any hosting methods. Since you usually have command-line admission to the server you can typically install any tools and processes you want. This technique of VPS hosting UAE is also very scalable if you’re functioning in the cloud since the servers can typically be spun up and down as desired.


Cloud and VPS hosting Cons


This category of hosting is the most complex of the hosting services available. Properly configuring and boosting your servers can be a labor-intensive task, and means there characteristically needs to be a skilled person or team helping manage this feature of your digital world.


High maintenance:

Since you are handling the server yourself in the VPS hosting companies in Dubai, it’s the duty of your in-house developers and security crew of website support providers to make certain all software is up-to-date.


Several hosting providers offer managed hosting. In this state, the hosting/IT company sets up the servers and provides you/your developer access to them, but they will also support you by adding fresh tools when demanded. This is an appropriate option for many owners of composite websites who need some control but might not have the development resources for the entire control.