Should Bloggers use Cloud Hosting?
Should Bloggers use Cloud Hosting?

More and more hosting companies in the web hosting Dubai industry have started offering cloud hosting solutions owing to its rising popularity and demand. Normally, cloud hosting is mostly preferred by website owners with high traffic and frequent traffic spikes, while blogging beginners go for shared hosting as blog sites generally start small. 

With the ‘pay only for what you use’ policy of cloud hosting packages, should bloggers move to cloud hosting?

To answer that question, you need to understand the pros and cons of the hosting solution bloggers mostly use now and cloud hosting.

Shared hosting

The shared Linux hosting is the more popular variant of shared hosting chosen by almost every blogging beginner. It’s the easiest way to host multiple websites on a single server, and it still don’t cost you much. Blogs, WordPress sites – a single server can host a lot of sites provided that the traffic is light. 

Dedicated server and VPS hosting

Shared server won’t be able to endure too much traffic, which means if your blog becomes successful and traffic increases, you would have to upgrade to a better plan that can handle that amount of traffic. Dedicated server is a good upgrade but considering the fact that it’s a bit too expensive for bloggers in general, the next best thing is a VPS solution.

VPS hosting uses the concept of virtualization, dividing a physical server into multiple virtual servers each sold individually. The client will get almost the same amount of control like in a dedicated system, with the freedom to run the OS and web apps they want (as long as the apps are compatible with the OS installed). The virtual servers use the resources of the physical server which has been divided in the first place.

Now coming back to cloud.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting, as the name suggests, uses the cloud technology to store website data in a network. If it’s stored in a hard disk, it’s called local storage. If it’s stored somewhere in a network of multiple machines, it’s called cloud storage. That basically explains cloud technology.

In shared, VPS and dedicated hosting, the servers that host websites will be secured at a data center facility safe from unauthorized accesses and external threats. But with cloud technology, multiple machines in the network (may be located at different places) holds your website’s data. 

The hosting package will provide you with the necessary tools you require to host the website and run the required web applications. It’s scalable, secure, customizable and very easy to upgrade. No lengthy migrations, not a lot of technicalities. The added bonus – your website never goes down for a second even if there’s a server failure (because of multiple servers in the cloud).

Is it a good choice for blogging sites?

From the summarized information you’ve read till now, it should be clear that cloud hosting could be a great choice for your blogging site. Cloud hosting is a more streamlined hosting approach with a great sync between the hardware and the software. This effectively grants you seamless management of your blog. 

The catch is that, though it can be a great choice for hosting blog sites, the price is still not reasonable. Cloud hosting may or may not cost you as much as a dedicated hosting package depending on the specs and brand value. But for someone new to blogging, investing that much for the hosting alone won’t sound feasible. 

At present, cloud hosting is a preferred option for application developers and web programmers. Even if your blog is getting a lot of traffic, you can still manage it with a VPS hosting if your shared hosting solution won’t cut it.