Top 5 Web Hosting Trends in 2021
Top 5 Web Hosting Trends in 2021

The internet has become essentiality of our lives for years now. But with the pandemic, the dependency has increased 10-fold times. Hence the growing importance of having a digital presence has driven the demand for web hosting services. So, to capitalize on this opportunity, web hosting service providers need to stay on top of web hosting trends. Here are the 5 top web hosting trends in 2021.


Multi-Cloud is the Future


To build a business that is both resilient and agile- you need to lean on evolving technologies. Many companies learned this lesson the bitter way when the pandemic hit the roots of the economy.

One of the popular technologies that helped many businesses to stay afloat is cloud computing. From low initial investment and prompt scalability to top-notch data security and flexibility of resources, cloud hosting in UAE has been a technological milestone of this decade. Hence the market for cloud hosting does not seem to have a dip soon.


Green Hosting Is the Need of The Hour


Green hosting is a type of web hosting UAE that relies on renewable energy resources or compensates the energy consumption by turning to green initiatives. With billions of websites and data centers in the world right now there is a significant amount of carbon footprint generated. This makes them disastrous to the environment.  

Green web hosting providers who are REC (Renewable Energy Certificates) or VERs (Carbon Offset Certificate) certified actively seek out green initiatives such as using renewable energy sources to power the data centers. Over the next few years, with more discussion on protecting the environment and bringing down the carbon footprint, green hosting can be the favored preference for customers.


Security Will Take Center Stage


Internet security will gain increasing prominence among web hosting companies in the coming years. With everybody moving their workspace to the digital world once the pandemic hit the security landscape has turned complicated with newer threats and vulnerabilities. With rising awareness of cybersecurity, web hosting providers will have to make security an integral part of their services.



Many website hosting providers offering domain registration services in Dubai have added domain privacy services to their portfolio. With the domain privacy service, the customer’s domain info on WHOIS (a public domain directory) is kept anonymous and confidential.


Rise in DIY website builders

There has been a rising competition for web hosting providers from (DIY) Do-it-yourself website builders. With a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop feature, these builders help customers to build a website from scratch. This draws in customers who like to have a vision of their own about their websites in terms of how it looks visually but lack the technical knowledge to do so.


The rising demand for this website builder software has made the web hosting providers offer web page and website builder add-ons. However, true web hosting benefits transcend the limits of a simple website and design. Other factors that can be offered include speed, security, functionality, and scalability.


Rise in Managed Web Hosting


One of the most exciting web hosting trends to watch out for this year is managed web hosting. With managed hosting, it is the service provider who manages the necessary website operations like backups, system updates, help desk support. And hence the customer need not worry about the management and administration.

The advantage of using a managed hosting service is that it can cover a lot of hidden costs like hiring system admins, database admins, security teams, etc.