Choosing Between Dedicated Hosting and Shared Hosting
Choosing Between Dedicated Hosting and Shared Hosting

For webmasters, the beginning of a successful website always start or should always start with a lot of questions. How the site looks? How it serves the viewers? What type of content will be published on it? And the most important question – What type of hosting package the site will need? When it comes to hosting packages, web hosting Dubai offers a myriad of options.

However, generally for most businesses the choice would be either shared server hosting or dedicated server hosting. Here are a few pointers that could help you determine which of the two is best for your website. 

Shared Hosting

Less expensive compared to dedicated hosting, shared hosting essentially gives you a ‘room’ in a server. Basically, you will be renting a server that hosts multiple other websites. You will be sharing the server resources with these ‘neighbors’. 

The obvious risk is that there will be a decline in performance if the other clients in the server start using more server resources. Your website will have to function with what remains. The same applies to them. If your website grows and traffic increases, more server resources will be utilized to keep it performing well. This means that your ‘neighbors’ will have to share the resources that remain. 

It’s cost effective and ideal for businesses that have just started, or wants to keep their website small. For a growing business, on the other hand, shared hosting is not a feasible hosting solution.

Dedicated Hosting

When it comes to merits, dedicated hosting takes the prize. However, it does cost more than shared hosting. If your website is already doing lucrative business, dedicated hosting would be compatible with its growth.

Other benefits include enhanced security, as only your website will have access to the server unlike in a shared environment. In a shared environment, if one of your neighbor websites doesn’t practice good security measures, it could affect your website as well. That won’t be a problem if your website is in a dedicated server. 

You can go for either managed dedicated hosting or unmanaged dedicated hosting. Unmanaged dedicated hosting requires you to manage all responsibilities regarding your website including technical operations like security check, maintenance etc. Managed hosting will have the hosting provider handling the hardware and technical side while you focus on the functioning of the website. 

Dedicated hosting adapts to increasing traffic, and offers greater control and flexibility on top of high bandwidths.

Purpose of Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting was conceived to provide a stable, customizable hosting environment to clients with large websites without compromising control. As only your website is present in the server, the server is relatively safe from security threats like hacking unlike in a shared server. 


If you are not intending to grow your website, and not expecting increasing traffic, shared hosting is the plan that will fit. If the hosting provider is good, it’s likely that you won’t experience the issues we discussed. It all comes down to how good the hosting provider is. If you want your business to grow, go for dedicated hosting for a reliable, more secure solution.