3 Free Control Panels for Hosting Servers
3 Free Control Panels for Hosting Servers

To effectively leverage many of the coolest technologies available, we need tools. Such seemingly trivial tools drive many industries in the Middle East including domain registration UAE. However, most of these tools come with price tags that many may find unreasonable. 

When it comes to web hosting, there are several tools involved, the most important of which being control panels. Users manage and configure hosting servers by using control panels. That said, this article lists a few control panels for VPS and dedicated server hosting solutions. 


Ajenti is a popular open source control panel among the VPS hosting community. Ajenti grants faster remote access and notably better performance which makes it a much preferred choice for many admins. The panel makes it easier for admins to remotely manage Linux servers using every day tools like text editors, file managers etc. However, there is no IPv6 support and support for multiple languages. 


ZPanel is known for its ease of use and compatibility with almost every popular operating systems used in hosting servers. The tool runs on PHP, MySQL and Apache and supports the use of software packages like PostFix, DoveCot, Webalizer, Apache Web Server etc. There are no built-in plugins or firewall however, but ZPanel still is one of the best free control panels out there for dedicated servers. 


Webmin is also a popular free control panel known for its flexibility. It used to be UNIX-exclusive. However, more recent versions are Windows compatible. Webmin is built with the high-level Perl language which gives it a great interface for faster, more efficient configuration of file, domain, email, servers etc. 

Though the presence of a built-in firewall adds to its merits, Webmin still lacks support for multiple languages and doesn’t come with built-in plugins as well. 


Most of these tools are generally used by novice hosting admins to make hosting packages more affordable to web owners. The control panels mentioned above are mostly used in VPS/Dedicated servers. The cloud hosting UAE sector on the other hand are keen on using more commercial, paid control panels for the cloud servers, which also adds to the price of a cloud hosting package.