Starting a Hosting Business with Dedicated Servers
Starting a Hosting Business with Dedicated Servers

Many things led to the rapid growth of web hosting Dubai, and not just the importance of hosting websites. Web hosting as a business itself is lucrative, and is regarded as one of the easiest ways to generate revenue online. Though setting up a web hosting company isn’t that difficult, there are still challenges that one must overcome to make sure that the business sustains itself in the long run. 

If one decides to manage everything associated with the operations of the company, getting customers would be the least concern. There are quite a few things they have to look at first. This is why it’s a better idea to begin the business with minimal investment, rather than going for a great infrastructure right off the bat. 

As for the hosting solutions to offer once the business starts its operations, shared, dedicated, or reseller hosting packages are advisable. 

Start with shared hosting no more…

Starting with shared hosting was the ideal beginning back in the day but not anymore. Customers might demand more resources eventually, and you will have to meet the demands on a short notice. Things can get a bit edgy, not to mention the declining demand for shared hosting solutions. 

Your web hosting company should be able to satisfy customer requirements over everything else. This means you will have to set up an infrastructure or become a reseller by purchasing reseller or dedicated server from them. These are better minimal-investment options for people who just started the business of hosting websites. 

Reseller hosting solutions

One of the best options when starting a web hosting business is to rely on big players in the sector, by purchasing reseller hosting packages from them. Reseller hosting can give you many advantages of which the biggest is the fact that it doesn’t require you to set up an infrastructure, maintenance and technical support, billing etc. Essentially, you won’t have to invest much. 

However, it’s still your responsibility to make sure that the customers aren’t disappointed with the service. If there are frequent downtimes, poor customer support, bandwidth issues etc. your business might end up crumbling in the long run. This is why it’s important to make sure that the reseller hosting provider is reliable and efficient. 

Eventually, as your business grows, reseller hosting packages may not suffice. Though it can get your business started, you will still have to start selling better hosting solutions like VPS and dedicated hosting. 

Dedicated server hosting

When you have a client with extensive requirements, a dedicated hosting solution should be your response. However, a relatively new web hosting company might not always have the budget to provide dedicated hosting solutions. If you are sure that you will be getting plenty of customers through your marketing efforts, you may choose to go for dedicated servers instead of VPS. Dedicated servers are more secure and offer better performance compared to other hosting solutions. 

Things to keep in mind before starting the business

Once everything is in order, and you are ready to start offering hosting services to customers, it’s crucial to test everything once more just in case. Whether you are going to offer reseller hosting solutions or dedicated hosting, it’d be a wise idea to register a few domains as dummy customers, and set up billing operations. 

If you are going to start with reseller hosting solutions, you should make sure that the hosting provider is always available for support through multiple channels, and they respond in a reasonable time frame. When everything looks okay, you can start generating revenue from a business that you didn’t have to set up an infrastructure for.