The Hosting That Millennials Prefer
The Hosting That Millennials Prefer

Millennials and their world-view apparently have an impact on the economy. They comprise a good majority of today’s workforce. Their perception on technologies are different from that of the previous generations. This also contributes to the rise and fall of several industries across the globe. It is even influencing various trends in the web hosting Dubai industry as well. Unlike how Baby Boomers and Generation X’ers saw things, Millennials who range in age from late teens to early thirties see a bigger picture.

Before getting into the details, here are a few facts that make Millennials different from their previous generations.

  • They are more educated than their predecessors
  • They prefer ‘using’ a product/service rather than buying it
  • They enjoy digital social media platforms
  • They are more aware of their environments & ecosystem

Millennials & Web Hosting

Many Millennials moving into their late thirties contemplate entrepreneurial endeavors – most often digital storefronts. They are more aware of digital things which means they are likely to make purchase decisions after considering factors like pricing, reviews, technical/customer service, and benefits in various forms. So when it comes to hosting, Millennials are drawn to hosting providers offering eco-friendly hosting solutions. 

The general beliefs of Millennials regarding the ecology and the environment is why they value ‘green’ services. Many companies offering services like domain registration in UAE focus on Millennials owing to their tendency to purchase domains and set up blogs, storefronts or something else. But not all of them succeed in catching their attention. However, many companies that deal with Millennials agree to the fact that the latter approve of organizations that care about the environment. 

So when it comes to web hosting, Millennials prefer organizations that have invested in renewable resources for power to operate their data centers. Eco web hosting services aren’t anything new. A data center requires tremendous amounts of electricity to function without problems. Such power requirements can have huge negative impact on the environments. This is what Millennials prefer avoiding. 


It’s not that they only want eco-friendly web hosting solutions. But if the services they are subscribing to won’t harm the environment in anyway, they’d have a sense of pride and satisfaction. Millennials think that way because they see the big picture - the planet’s green declining at alarming rates. This awareness is one of the reasons why ‘green’ services can appear impressive to Millennials. 

At present, there are only a few companies that offer green web hosting services in the Middle East. A handful of the leading hosting companies offering dedicated servers in Dubai sport a green label that reflect their eco-friendliness. And they get the attention of Millennials without fail.