Why You Should Be Using LAMP Server for Your Webhosting Needs?
Why You Should Be Using LAMP Server for Your Webhosting Needs?

Dedicated Server UAE, is often called as a single webserver using all of its resources for handling traffic of a single website. Many high volume websites like Freelancer, Odesk, eBay, Amazon, & Microsoft etc. use dedicated servers. But many businesses even if they have a definite need of having dedicated LAMP server for website hosting opt for penny pinching. It is always advisable for high volume websites like e-commerce to avail LAMP development services.

Benefits of Using LAMP Stack

LAMP is the acronym of Linux OS, Apache web server, MySQL database management system and PHP/Perl/Python web programming languages. Although, hiring dedicated servers for web hosting can be a hefty initially, in the long run it would prove itself to be beneficial. It is fast, secure and reduced page loading time even during high traffic times.

Another major benefit of using LAMP development services is the ease of deployment. Often, the deployment of e-commerce websites and apps are tricky, particularly when they are difficulties in integrating programming language with the database and server. When it comes to LAMP, the issue is handled as PHP is the standard Apache module. This simplifies the deployment of e-commerce web apps simple.

Moreover, the popularity and open source nature of LAMP stack offers a solid and reliable foundation for web hosting.


With a dedicated LAMP hosting solution, your website is hosted on hardware configured according to the traffic you would be receiving. Also. There can be guarantee that the necessary bandwidth is there to ensure that your website functions smoothly, irrespective of traffic. Finally and importantly, with a fully managed solution, the web hosting company in UAE is responsible for the maintenance, updates and security of your LAMP server.