10 Common Myths about Dedicated Server Hosting Busted.
10 Common Myths about Dedicated Server Hosting Busted.

A thriving business always face the dilemma of not investing enough to expand and run successfully and dropping in too much capital into running costs be it employees, infrastructure or a website.

If your team is often facing such difficult situations, a dedicated hosting service in UAE offers you the advantage of a server dedicated exclusively for your business needs, like your website. As with any other technology, some usage scenarios is best suited for dedicated server than others, but there are many myths attached to dedicated hosting that need to be banished so as to make an informed decision.

Myth # 1: They're High-Priced

Traditionally, dedicated servers are expensive. But as with so most things, technological evolution and intense competition have reduced the price of dedicated hosting services in Dubai.

 Most companies now offer a predictable monthly subscription which is well within the reach of the average customer. Clearly, one gets their money’s worth, so don’t scrimp if your hosted service is undermining the future profit and sustainability of your business.

Myth # 2: They're Unstable

Shared environments can come down with contended access to bandwidth, processing power and I/O eventually resulting in uneven performance issues for other users. In contrast, a dedicated server is impervious to latency issues because resources are exclusive for your use. You will also be exposed to soft resource limits that are generally applied to supposed ‘unlimited’ plans on shared servers. 

Myth # 3: Limited Choices Available

While working with virtualized resources, the hypervisor restricts your choices as well as the extent of your control. But with a dedicated server, there is administrator-level control so that you can configure your preferred settings as well as use software, customize and update it as and when required.

Myth # 4: You will need Technical Assistance

Sure, a basic understanding of servers doesn’t hurt, but with a web hosting service in UAE, hardware up-gradation won’t be any of your responsibilities. Also, there is constant support at each level- from basic monitoring to OS maintenance, upgrades, and security patches.

You will also have access to an expansive, functionally-rick control panel to assist in operation and complete utilization of your service without any background in IT.

Myth #5: Uptime is Just a Number

It is useless to direct thousands of visitors to your site only for them to be welcome by an error code, and you will only be able to take credits if your site’s down time has been longer than the host’s uptime guarantee.

Myth # 6: Minimum Support Availability

If you skimp and scrounge with free web hosting, you will be left to oneself when issues inevitably arise. But most reputable web hosting companies extend swift technical support to dedicated server clients because of the critical nature of their applications via various channels like phone, live chat and email.

The rest offers the option of submitting a ticket through the control panel and receive a quick response with guaranteed SLA.

Myth # 7: Server Specs is Irrelevant

The right spec can spell the difference between a visitor glancing through your website for 10 seconds or spending considerable amount of time and eventually, money. 

This means striking a fair balance of RAM, storage and bandwidth to fit your prospective needs. Do your research to ensure that you know what you have signed up for.

Myth #8: They are Unsecure

If there are any discrepancies with a shared hosting, there is a possibility for your data falling into the wrong hands. On the other hand, a dedicated server offers sole administrative access, so your data remains private. Also, your service provide should have extreme security measures in place to protect you from intrusive visitors, spammers, hackers and other malicious activity.

Myth # 9: A Dedicated Server and a Virtual Private Server is One and the Same.

With a VPS service in Dubai, the server’s resources are divided between various websites or hosting accounts. Plans might offer unlimited bandwidth and storage, but there might be no assurances regarding compute power and memory, so you could end up being restricted from installing and running CPU-or memory-intensive modules or software, which could eventually check your growth.   

Myth # 10: The Service Provider Does not Matter

Quality and service wary from provider to provider, so in-depth research is needed- and it is insufficient to compare hardware and price alone. It is pointless to have a dedicated server serviced by overselling or poor infrastructure, or if an apparently good deal is supported by inadequate support. Don’t count on review sites, either-almost every hosting service provider would have an odd negative rating.