5 Reasons You Should Choose the Best Web Hosting Plan for Your Website
5 Reasons You Should Choose the Best Web Hosting Plan for Your Website

Be it a cloud-based service company or your small designer boutique with an online presence, a good working website will always work for your advantage with respect to traffic and income proceeds.  

Despite that 80% of businesses fail due to poor web site user friendliness, while most of the customers opined that they are not going to visit a website again after a bad UX.  

Beside a well-designed website and other SEO efforts, one of the principal factors of the website’s usability depends on the web site hosting. Subject to the type of hosting provider you have chosen, your site could either soar in functionality and customizability or would fail to stay online under the flood of users/potential customers around the world.

Here are the most compelling reasons as to why you should choose the best web hosting plan for your website.     

Free and Premium Web Hosting

Let’s start the discussion by addressing the proverbial elephant in the room and talk about free and premium hosting providers. 

Both free and premium web hosting plans have their own set of advantages- thus there is an opportunity to select what suits best for you. The decision should be solely based on each individual creator or entrepreneur without any industry bias or popular trends.  

As the name suggest, free hosting is free and is backed by incessant advertisement. They are not as trustworthy as their premium peer and can pose issues if your website requires a lot of data support and incoming traffic as an e-commerce platform.

At the same time, premium hosting uses a pay per user business model, is much more reliable for the long haul. Your site will enjoy more security from third party break ins, better uptime and offer more flexibility with regards to modifications and high traffic. 

But before fixing for the right choice for your website it is better to compare different    plans provided by various web hosting companies in UAE

Customer Service

One of the key aspect of quality web hosting available in Dubai involves the best customer service. To be more specific, if the hosting company got your back in cases of site downtime, hosting issues or data violation, they are perhaps the best choice for your website. 

At the same time free hosting services although affordable, are often filled with impediments which not only can pull your website offline and moreover would lead to loss of precious client data or published content. Ensure each hosting provider for their customer service features before zeroing on for a solution which is suitable for you and will offer more stable web hosting experience.

Open Customization

Based on the type of business you run or the content you intend to publish on your website, you might want different customization requirements from your hosting service.

Even then, some providers will be reluctant to take pains to provide the necessary customization tools to make it happen. Initially although you might be content with basic functionality, you will want to upgrade your theme, plugins and SEO. Check with the hosting provider prior to committing to a contract. 

Safety & Stability

Cyber security is common threat to all businesses irrespective of size. Hence choosing a trust worthy web hosting provider is essential for protecting your valuable data including     client data, personal information or financial records. 

Like any other feature, the best in the service offers security features worth the money, selecting a hosting provider entirely subjective. It should be noted that free hosting solutions presents with poor or totally absent security systems, making them particularly viable for blogging or noncommercial purposes.

Data Storage & User Capacity

Bandwidth has a significant role while picking up a hosting provider for many critical reasons. Chiefly, the data volume that you can store on your website, the number of users who can access your website at the same time should be given serious attention.

Finalizing your site’s bandwidth and simultaneous user numbers will sufficiently make your website inactive, slow and unavailable to more users-at worst it can even lead to complete shutdown.

Scalability & Open Pricing

Finally, once you have picked a hosting option for your website, it is important that the provider you chose allows scalability as well as plan modification. On the contrary, a free hosting provider might neglect your requests for scalability and present a non-negotiable plan which will make your website look bad in term of overall performance on the market. 

Sustainable Investment - A conclusion

The need for choosing a reliable and secure web hosting provider cannot be exaggerated. Do consider all of the above before choosing one and try not to scrimp or save on making sure that your website is stable and always easily accessible to the global audience. Also make sure if your webhosting service provider provides auxiliary services like domain registration within UAE.