Domain, Web, and Email Hosting; What You Need To Know
Domain, Web, and Email Hosting; What You Need To Know

Domain Name and Domain Host


Domain Name simply refers to your Website address or URL and acts like an an identity on the Internet. Domain Name is also referred to as a Domain Name System or DNS, which permits Internet users to enter your Website straight with an easy-to-remember name, as a substitute for using an IP address.

The Domain Host intend to govern the permit and possession of your domain name and where to discover the correlated Website. You have to pay for domain hosting that are distinct from any Website or Email facility you use. You’ll discover that numerous businesses provide a stand-alone Domain Name registration in Dubai. 


Web Host

Website hosting service includes not only storing your website files and pages but making them accessible to any computer linked to the Internet. When you place your Website files on your Web Host server, then your Domain Host will look into those files if somebody types in your URL. Your Web Host is accountable for making your Website available to Internet users around the world like how the cloud does it in cloud hosting Dubai.


Email Host

An Email Host refers to the server space for keeping your files. When somebody directs an Email to you, it’s then moved directly to an Email Server, where gets stored and can be retrieved whenever you want it.

Like Web Hosting, Email Hosting in Dubai also needs a service provider to lease out space and handle its servers. Email Hosting providers offer typically premium services, which vary from the old-style free webmail sites. These Email Hosting providers supply to more demanding customers like your Small to Medium-sized Commerce that necessitates their own Domain Name.