How to Transfer a Domain Name
How to Transfer a Domain Name

The initial step of moving a business online is buying a domain from a professional web hosting company in Dubai. It is not uncommon for businesses to wish to transfer their domain name from one registrar to another. An important thing to notice here is that the transfer involves only the hosting company and not the domain name. 

Here are a few reasons why many wish to move their domain name:

Cost and Ease of Use

Cost can be an issue for many small businesses. If your current registrar charges you more than other leading providers, it would be wise to think of a shift. Also difficulty in operating the domain is also another much cited reason.


If your business turns out to be successful, your association with your domain registrar will likely last for years. So unsatisfactory customer service is a good reason to consider changing your registrar.


Finally, there is an issue regarding reliability and security. Any doubts about the security of your service should prompt you to find another web hosting company in UAE as soon as possible.

How to transfer my domain to a new registrar?

If you want to transfer your domain registration in Dubai from one registrar to another, you can contact your registrar and initiate the process. It should also be noted that certain situations can delay the transfer for instances such as if it is subjected to a 60-day Change of Registrant lock.

Other reasons for denial of transfer include

  • Suspicion for Fraud
  • Dispute over the identity of the person requesting the transfer
  • Failure of Payment owed for previous registration period
  • Written objection from domain name holder
  • Domain name is just 60 days old from initial registration
  • Domain name is just 60 days old after a previous transfer

Absence of any valid reason the registrar will process your transfer using the initial authorization for registrar transfer form.