Tips to Keeping Your Domain Protected
Tips to Keeping Your Domain Protected

For a business to establish its presence online, a secure domain is vital. Domain registration Dubai recommends guidelines for domain owners to secure their domains and prevent security breaches. Adhering to the guidelines is necessary if the business wishes their domain credibility to be uncompromised. The basic security you get for domains can be easily bypassed by a capable hacker. You wouldn’t want your domain to be hijacked when your business is at its peak of success. 

Inadvertent domain loss may occur if:

  • The owner is unaware that the domain expired - Normally when the domain expiry date approaches, the owner is notified. But there are instances where the notices didn’t reach the owners, especially when the owner fails to update a changed email or postal address.
  • The domain is hijacked - The hijacker may request the registration of a domain you own and may acquire an unauthorized control over it before you realize what’s happening. The hijackers may even try to sell this domain to you at a higher price. 

Here’s what you can do to secure your domain.

You may get conned if you ignore some vital information associated with your domain, say, the expiry date. It’s recommended to regularly contact your domain registrar to get informed about the domain details. You can also use trackers that will alert you when the expiry date approaches, and auto-renewal services to renew your domain before it expires. However, make sure the providers of these services are reputed and reliable. 

It’s always wise to not leave the email address you provided to the registrar unattended. You might receive important mails regarding the activities across your domain. Moreover, if you leave the mail address unattended for a long period, there’s a chance that the address might get deleted by the providers for being inactive.  

Another thing to keep in mind is to not reply to suspicious renewal notices or other mails that ask your domain registration details. To be sure, you can contact the domain registrar and verify the authenticity of the mails.