All You Need to Know About Expiring Domain Names
All You Need to Know About Expiring Domain Names

Putting a business on the web might sound easy in theory. But in practice, you will need to think a lot and do a lot. It all begins with figuring out a domain name, purchasing it, and then registering it. But what if someone already took the domain name that’s right for your business? A common practice in the domain registration Dubai sector could be an alternative - an expired domain. 

Expired domains

A purchased domain should be periodically renewed. Failure to do so would get the domain expired as a result. This failure happens quite often in world of internet. Thousands of domain owners fail to renew their domain names each day either because they aren’t interested anymore or own many other similarly named domains they are struggling to keep track of. 

Failing to make the renewal payment is generally the major reason behind expired domains. An expired domain can be grabbed by anyone who is willing to pay for registering it. But there are formalities before the domain is officially expired and available for purchase. 

Benefits of owning an expired domain

Expired domains aren’t ones that have lost their value. Just because the previous owner allowed the domain to expire, doesn’t mean that the domain lost its value. An expired domain has one significant advantage over a fresh one in that search engines see it as an ‘aged’ domain, for having been around longer. 

In addition, if the expired domain has been used for a website with decent traffic, it’s likely that the new owner might get all of the links and traffic that the website running on the expired domain used to have. 

Before a domain expires

When a domain owner lets the domain expire, it won’t immediately become buyable. The domain goes through a ‘grace period’ first that could last even a year. If the owner still didn’t request a renewal during the grace period, most domain names get a redemption period of normally 30 days during which all information of the owner is removed from the domain. 

However, during the redemption period, the owner can still renew the domain. By the end of the redemption period, if renewal isn’t requested, the domain will be made available for purchase for all. 


There could be a lot of people waiting to buy the expiring domain you have been waiting for. This means you will have to register the domain before anyone else does as soon as it expires. Certain web hosting companies can register domains on your behalf. Some of them offers backordering - a way by which the domain in question would be monitored till it expires, and register as it as soon as it expires on your behalf. 

However, there is still no guarantee that the company would be able to claim the domain for you as an expired domain might get renewed in the last moment or may go up for auction.