Does Your Web Host Offer Multiple Domain Hosting?
Does Your Web Host Offer Multiple Domain Hosting?

Some businesses with multiple service niches might opt for dedicated domains for each of those services or products mostly to focus on them individually. For big businesses, this is mostly the case when the products or services are not quite related or when they are established brands. Hosting multiple domains require significant investment. But several firms in the web hosting Dubai sector offers multiple domain hosting and other services including email hosting that can considerably reduce hosting costs for businesses with multiple domains. 

Multiple domain hosting

The concept is simple. The more domains your business has, the more it will cost you annually for hosting all of them. Multiple domain hosting is a cost-effective solution where you only take hosting space for your main domain that houses the website. The hosting solution will then allow you to add more domains to this account, and host those domains as add-on domains on that same hosting space.

There is however a concern regarding multiple domain hosting. Because all websites are under one administrative account, a problem with that account can affect the domains under it as well. But this won’t be a problem if the web hosting company is reliable and ensures excellent services and support. 

Not to be confused with domain forwarding

Domain forwarding is not another name for multiple domain hosting, and has a different purpose. If you have many TLDs and hyphenated versions of your domain name, you can use domain forwarding to point them all to your main website. This is how you make sure that a user who has misspelled your business name or used the wrong extension still ends up on your website. 

When it comes to multiple hosting, the content on each domain can be different, and each domain can have websites. They may not point to your main website either. They essentially rent the hosting space you already have. 

Going for multiple domain hosting

The first thing you need to do is to find a web hosting company that offers multiple domain hosting services. There are web hosts in Dubai that provide all kinds of hosting related services including domain registration, in addition to hosting websites. Many of them offer multiple domain hosting. 

If you already have a web host hosting your website, you can ask them whether they offer multiple domain hosting. If they do, you can then upgrade your hosting plan or migrate your website to a multiple domain hosting account. Once the website has been transferred to this account, you can host other domains as add-ons before copying your individual product websites under this account. 


  • Resources will be shared - Resources including the operating system, the hardware etc. would be shared by the websites within each add-on domain in the account. This means there are no infrastructure requirements unlike when hosting individual sites. 
  • Simpler management - All websites will be under a single account. This makes it easier to manage multiple domains as well as the websites instead of managing each website separately.
  • Cost-effectiveness - Hosting multiple domains individually can incur more expenses in the long run especially when you are running a growing business. A single multiple domain hosting account is a better, cost-effective solution.