Web Hosting Trends: What 2019 Might Bring to The Table
Web Hosting Trends: What 2019 Might Bring to The Table

For a business to gain a strong foothold online, they will need a well-developed website to not only promote and market their products/services but also to establish their brand presence. Even if the site is well developed, it won't serve its purpose unless it's hosted on a reliable server. This often underestimated importance of hosting didn't stop the growth of the industry across the world. The Hosting Services Dubai sector, for instance, underwent many changes in trends and technology evolving into a major industry that serves millions of websites. 

Even the slightest shift in trends could impact the hosted websites and consequently the businesses they represent either positively or negatively. Web owners should always keep an eye out for the hottest trends in hosting to stay ahead of their game. Reliable service providers in the Web hosting Dubai industry consider it their responsibility to let their clients know of any major shift in trends so that business owners can make informed decisions or leverage the changes to increase benefits. 

That said, here are a few hosting trends that will be turning heads next year.

Green hosting will garner more attention

There are billions of internet users in the world today browsing hundreds of millions of websites. To keep those websites online, their respective hosting providers would be consuming tremendous amounts of energy while consequently causing serious pollution. Over the years, many organizations took measures to reduce the carbon footprint, one of which is the green hosting solution. 

Green hosting services use renewable energy devices and energy-efficient technologies to host websites on servers. It's certainly an investment that many hosting providers are still reluctant to make. However, in 2019, we will see more providers opting for green hosting solutions to get 'eco-friendly' tags.  

Better hosting hardware

As web technologies evolve, websites evolve proportionally. Now we have websites utilizing powerful technologies like AR and VR to enhance user experience. Websites are expected to evolve even further augmenting UX even more in the coming years, which will certainly increase the demand for better hosting server hardware. As a matter of fact, many hosting providers use Solid State Disks (SSDs) to ensure best performance for hosted websites. 

Better hosting security 

In the last couple of years, we witnessed a number of cybersecurity fails and data violations that even shook corporate giants like Deloitte and Yahoo. With even the security of the cloud being questioned, hosting providers will be forced to put more effort into enforcing hosting security to protect hosted websites and the confidential data they handle. This trend will likely be one of the most dominant hosting trends next year. 


It is trends like these that made many industries disappear and many more appear. Many companies in the domain registration UAE industry experienced major setbacks when hosting companies started offering complementary or discounted domain registration services along with hosting solutions. The trend didn't gain momentum at first, but ended up impacting the stand-alone domain registration industry.  

Similarly, even the most unimpressive of trends might disrupt major industries in the long run. For business, it's always wise to align with the latest trends, not just in hosting, to maintain their competitive edge under dynamic market conditions.