The Domain - Email Connection
The Domain - Email Connection

A personalized business email account is just as important as a business website, as it is how a business stays connected with clients and customers at different geographic locations. This is why you can find providers in the web hosting Dubai sector offering email hosting services. 

Free email providers like gmail, yahoo etc. though popular, do not appear professional for a business. They need a professional communication platform. Email also has a connection with domain. When a domain name is registered, email addresses connected to that domain may also be assigned. A professional email service makes such an impression on potential customers. So essentially, a professional domain registration service in conjunction with a reliable email service is the right combo a business should look for. 

Email hosting Dubai offers a plethora of options to choose from, but each package would be different in terms of pricing, features, limitations etc. 

Usefulness of a professional domain and email

The usefulness extends from a reliable communication platform with customers and suppliers to owning professional email addresses with a domain name that allows the business to have different accounts for professional emails.  In addition, the business/domain name also ensures email authenticity and makes it easier for customers to identify who the mail is from. 

Benefits of using email with a domain name

  • For a professional appeal and to build trust in the brand or business
  • More brand visibility 
  • A professional email address would generally receive only business-related emails
  • Possible to have as many domain names and email addresses based on the business’ scale
  • More security for professional communications

Limitations of using email with a domain name

  • If an email address is compromised, it threatens the security and confidentiality of the business itself
  • An unreliable email service will have limitations. Storage limitations might be challenging for the business when it fails to receive and store important mails.