Email Hosting Basics: Setting Up Email Signatures
Email Hosting Basics: Setting Up Email Signatures

Though this isn’t directly associated to email hosting, this step is still one of the first things you should do after activating email hosting service. Most firms in the email hosting UAE industry would provide guidelines to creating an email signature immediately before or after the service goes live. 

Email signature

It’s basically a block of text that’s inserted at the end of all the emails you send. Email signatures provide your recipient with your name, business contact information, website URL and even your designation. Your email signature is also a vital part of your brand’s identity. 

A signature is application-specific. If you use both a webmail and an email client to send emails, you will need to create email signatures for both separately. 

Signs of a good email signature

  • Short & concise - An email signature should be as short as possible, even if it includes information like name, company, position, contact details etc. Listing a bunch of social media profiles, and multiple websites and phone numbers is not advised. The recipient may not always want to click on multiple links and social media profiles to learn about the sender.
  • Put a smiling face - If you want to include an image as well, it’s advisable to use your own picture. People remember faces better than text. You will stand out from the crowd as well. 
  • Signature must never be an image - This is a quite common mistake according to the domain registration UAE experts. Many companies that offer domain registration services also provide email hosting services as add-ons. And almost all of them specifically instruct clients not to make email signature an image. 
  • Image increases the size of the signature, and is more likely to get blocked by some email clients by default. The recipient also will not be able to copy any info from an image. 
  • Include call-to-action - Not all companies will let you in on this little tip. A reliable company in the web hosting Dubai industry, if you avail their email hosting services, would specifically instruct you to include a call-to-action in your email signature. A simple line of text that prompts the recipient to do something that’d be of benefit to you should suffice. It can either be a reminder, a meeting scheduler, or an event invite. This can also be done in the email content itself. But if you are speaking of a different subject entirely in the email, you can have a call-to-action in the signature to open up more opportunities to personally reach out to the recipient.