What Exactly is Eco-Friendly Web Hosting
What Exactly is Eco-Friendly Web Hosting

Every website out there is technically eco-friendly as there isn’t any use of papers. However, the eco-friendliness attribute of web hosting originated from the fact that data centers consume billions of kilowatts of electricity each year. The power consumption varies with the geographical location of data centers. Web hosting Dubai have already taken initiatives to reduce power consumption in their data centers.

Many popular web hosting providers are now relying on wind power to provide eco-friendly hosting services. 

Data centers going green

Normally, one of the many ways data centers generate power is by burning coal. This is of great concern due to the consequent carbon emissions. Web hosting providers now have others options to substitute their use of coal. Depending on their physical locations, they can opt for solar, wind, biomass, geothermal or hydroelectric power generation.

Effect of big sites on servers

Website elements like animations and graphical content, and even codes play a role in power consumption. Obviously, a website with a lot of multimedia content will take a bit longer to load. If there are darker colors in the website, the LCD monitors will have to draw more power to display them.

In addition to this, large server requests also consume a lot of power. A green website would ideally be a fast loading one with the right set of color schemes that makes it easier for monitors to display them. 

Carbon offsetting

Many hosting providers have now started considering carbon offsets that effectively counterbalance the power consumed. They use renewable energy sources from electrical companies, significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Considering the damage to the environment from the data centers, more hosting providers have started taking the go-green route, with some even planting trees for every hosting solution sold. In paper, this may sound trivial. But evidently the environment is becoming more and more unstable from the huge amounts of power consumption. Even a small green initiative can make a huge difference. So why not look for green web hosting that gives you everything you require while giving the earth back what was taken?