Linux or Windows Hosting Package: Making the Right Choice
Linux or Windows Hosting Package: Making the Right Choice

Webmasters, new to the web hosting realm, quite often have to confront the confusion surrounding the various types of hosting packages available. These hosting packages generally come in three categories with difference in the server’s OS. They are termed Linux hosting, Windows hosting and FreeBSD hosting, each with its own unique place in the industry. 

Web hosting Dubai offers all three categories in varying hosting packages. The hosting packages mainly come in 4 types – shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting and VPS hosting. The packages and plans differ depending on the service provider. 

With that said, beginners normally get confused when it comes to choosing which OS their hosting package should have, and it’s mostly limited to Windows or Linux hosting. To explain this, some common myth should be dispelled.

Myth: The hosting package should have the same OS I have in my computer

You don’t necessarily need your web host to run the same OS in the server that you are using in your computer. It doesn’t matter because both systems are different.

But what about compatibility?

People often think that if the hosting server and the computers they are using have different operating systems, there would be compatibility issues. This is nothing to worry about as the web host’s system isn’t going to run any programs in your computer, and vice versa. It doesn’t matter what system you are using.

But it’s easy to use if it’s the same OS

If both you and your web host uses Windows OS, it doesn’t mean you will have a nice start button you can click on and get things started. Your web host won’t have a start button even if the server is running Windows OS, while you get access to the website only by using a web editor like Dreamweaver. 

So basically, you will get the same user interface regardless of the OS your web host uses. The ease of use of the interface will depend on the web editor you use.

The criteria for choosing the web hosting package’s platform

The choice should be made based on what your website needs. Ask yourself the following questions to make it easier to choose.

Will your website be relying on Windows technologies?f

You should know whether your website will rely on Windows technologies such as ASP, Microsoft SQL server etc. If your website has to execute ASP codes, or access MS Access, it’d be better to go for Windows hosting. It doesn’t mean you can’t execute them on Unix-based systems. With a Windows host to run a website using Windows technologies, there won’t be much complications.

Will your website or blog be running PERL, PHP, WordPress etc.?

If you are planning on creating a blog, an online shopping cart or just a straightforward and simple website, a Linux hosting plan would make things easy for you. The majority of free/commercial software used by websites run smoothly on a Linux-based system. 

Linux is an open source OS. So for websites that rely on PHP, PERL, MySQL and other open source software, Linux hosting is ideal. They do work on Windows machines as well, if that’s what you are wondering. However, it won’t be working the same way as it does (properly) in Unix-based systems. 

Bottom line

If your website would be using Microsoft technologies, Windows hosting would help you a lot. However, for those of you who don’t have a clue about Microsoft technologies’ connection with their websites, Unix-based systems will make your lives easier.