Reseller Web Hosting: Getting the Infrastructure Right
Reseller Web Hosting: Getting the Infrastructure Right

Reseller web hosting is now a big thing in the Middle East. For a business to be accessible online, it needs an active website. Websites will not go active if they are not hosted in a server. Reseller hosting is a nifty way to do business by purchasing a hosting package from a web host and then selling to a third party. Last year, web hosting Dubai witnessed a surge in startups specializing in reseller hosting. 

Even for reselling, you will have to choose a reliable hosting service, and for that you will need to take into account the infrastructure as well. 

Here are the infrastructure elements you need to consider.

Capabilities of the Server

Make sure your hosting provider has a server powerful enough to not be an issue in your reselling business. Make sure the server has 24x7 technical support, uninterrupted power, emergency backup mechanisms, robust hardware, and efficient cooling.

Platform Support

Web hosting packages generally come in two types – Windows hosting and Linux hosting. Linux is widely preferred as it is open source and relatively less expensive to maintain. 


Make sure to do your research before zeroing in on a web hosting service. People have the wrong notion that more expensive hosting services charge that much because they are reliable. That is not true. Even a comparatively less expensive service can outclass an expensive one from a popular brand. 

As for the infrastructure, consider variables like business generated, server power and type, security and technical support, business needs, and even the number of clients you are certain would take up your offer. 

Business Agility

Business agility is a critical factor under the present market conditions that appear to change more often. To improve business agility, you can streamline the infrastructure thus creating an efficient and adaptable workflow. Make sure the infrastructure can adapt to changing business conditions on the go without compromising the quality of the service you provide.

To conclude, your infrastructure speaks a great deal about your service quality to prospective clients. A good infrastructure also gives room for the business to grow, and maximize revenue.