5 Reasons Why VPS Hosting Is Best for Growing Websites
5 Reasons Why VPS Hosting Is Best for Growing Websites

A Virtual Private Server hosting (VPS) is a website hosting instance where many accounts are on a physical server but with dedicated resources such as RAM and CPU. This is done by virtualizing a dedicated server and partitioning the resources amongst various accounts on that server.          

Unlike shared hosting each virtual private server operates on its own operating system, giving you more leeway in terms of the apps that you want to install for your websites. 

Here are 5 reasons why VPS hosting in Dubai is best for growing websites.

1. Cost-Efficient

As your website is scaling newer heights, you need to ensure that you spend wisely on it. Investing in shared hosting when your site has grown to a certain level of users might lead to performance glitches.

Likewise, splurging on a dedicated server hosting in Dubai when your website doesn’t have enough users will burn a hole in your pocket. Hence, VPS hosting would be the ideal solution, both in terms of resources and expenses.

2. Complete Autonomy

Since your VPS account is independent from other VPS hosting accounts sharing the server, you can enjoy complete autonomy. You get access to the entire operating system as well as the files and resources. 

It is an excellent space for developers to make good use of their full coding potential and to test their applications. With shared website hosting in Dubai, you are constrained by the configuration that has been set by the hosting provider. 

3. High Availability

As the name signifies VPS is virtual and doesn’t have any physical components of its own. But as a case of precaution, most hosting companies will back up your VPS as a server image. In case of a server crash on the VPS server, the image can be quickly rebooted on to another physical server. Thus, all your essential applications and your website will not suffer any downtime.

4. Dedicated Resources

The key challenge posed by shared hosting is that if one user ends up using a resource intensive application or is receiving a lot of traffic, then others suffer. They get to use fewer resources to work with and has to face performance issues. This is not a favourable situation for growing websites, especially businesses dealing with e-commerce. With VPS, each VPS is allocated dedicated resources which can’t be accessed by other users, although they share a physical server.

5. Better Security

If you are in the e-commerce business or finance sector you recognize the critical nature of security. With respect to shared hosting, VPS hosting is comparatively secure.  This is because your website and data are store separately from those of other VPS users. Even during malware attacks on another VPS account, your data is completely secure because the hosting service has taken extra measures to protect your data.