5 Reasons on Why You Should Power Up SEO Using VPS Hosting?
5 Reasons on Why You Should Power Up SEO Using VPS Hosting?

There is little to say that the choice of web hosting plan is the foundation of your website. If your foundation is not rock solid the fanciest of roofs would not survive. Here is our take on why VPS hosting is the best for your SEO.

#1. Optimized Site Speed: The one thing that can be said in surety is that speed of your website plays an important role in finding a better placement in search results and thereby Google rankings.  When two websites provide comparable content and similar site structure, the website with faster loading speed always rank higher. With VPS hosting there is a dedicated server in Dubai and other amount of resources and scalability, and you can make sure that an optimized environment for your site to load at faster speeds.

# 2. Guaranteed Uptime: An advantage of a trusted VPS host is that there is a guarantee on part of the company that your site will be available at all times. Ranging from server datacenter and setup, the provider can put in numerous backup measures in place, so your website is up at all times.

Cloud hosting solutions in Dubai 
are especially useful in this aspect, enabling you to employ a huge network of servers, all bearing a copy of your site content. This does not imply that you should be disregarding the best practices like account monitoring and daily backups. Relating to SEO, this makes sure that the search engines will always view your website as working and reliable offering it a boost in the rankings.

# 3. Robust Security

Although indirectly, security also influence SEO. Hence it is important to keep your website safe and secure. Consider a worst case scenario, where hackers infiltrate your website and replace your content with some other content or completely remove it.

Traversing your website, search engine crawlers will see irrelevant, dangerous, or missing pages- all of which are warning signals while rating content.

# 4. Root Access

Being able to alter every tiny bit of your server configuration offers the flexibility to apply certain optimizations or install plugins with unconventional standard requirements. Although some managed VPS hosts and WordPress Hosting providers in Dubai offer it, the ideal way to have complete root access is on an unmanaged machine. With the help or complete knowledge of what you are doing is the best way to customize your server to perfection.

# 5. HTTPS Encryption

After all these times Google has finally agreed that HTTPS encryption is not a ranking factor alone but it has a lot of importance. SSL certificates are the best tools to do it, protecting the communications between browser and server.