VPS Hosting In A Nutshell
VPS Hosting In A Nutshell

Over the years, web hosting experienced a couple of evolutions. VPS hosting was one of them and is still considered to be one of the best hosting solutions available. The demand for VPS hosting has been consistently increasing across the globe, especially in the web hosting Dubai industry. 

So what is VPS hosting and why is it considered preferable by many?

Basically VPS hosting is similar to dedicated hosting. The client gets every benefit he can get from a dedicated server with VPS hosting. The difference lies in the bill. VPS isn’t as costly as dedicated hosting but offers the same benefits. If your website is growing, it will need more server power and reliable resources. VPS is a good alternative to dedicated hosting for this purpose.

How it works

It functions similar to a shared environment but there are differences. Your website will be hosted in a private virtual space (part of a physical server, of course). The virtual private server technology basically allows all the users in the physical server to share its resources without compromising performance in any way (unlike in shared hosting). So basically each user gets the benefits of a complete dedicated server in their virtual space. 

Each user is allocated a fair share of resources which includes hard disk storage space, memory, network capabilities and processor power. The VPS then runs independently, without getting affected by other VPS accounts. 

Benefits of VPS


To emphasize the reliability of VPS, you have to think about shared hosting. When other users in the shared environment utilizes a lot of server resources, your website will experience issues including downtime. In VPS hosting, each user is independent. So even if others use a lot of the server’s resources, it won’t affect you.

Guaranteed resources

The hosting provider will allocate a set amount of resources to you which includes adequate processing power, memory and network capabilities. The hosting solution is scalable. So if you feel like your website is growing and needs more resources, you can easily have more. 


Since you are an independent user in the server, you can run your own OS, programs and scripts. In addition to this, most VPS hosting packages offer custom changes to their default settings. You can customize the environment to fit your needs.


Isolation from other VPS accounts means privacy for your website. In addition to this, VPS hosting solutions generally come with tight security features including advanced monitoring, regular backup operations and security audits. 


Because you are sharing the hardware with other users, VPS monthly bills are considerably less compared to dedicated server hosting