What Makes Linux VPS Hosting Preferable to Dedicated Servers
What Makes Linux VPS Hosting Preferable to Dedicated Servers

The basic idea of Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is to allow one physical server running on Linux to be shared by multiple customers. Each of the clients will have their own separate partition in the server – a virtual machine partition with its own operating system and web services. Despite being not as popular as dedicated server, VPS hosting solutions still have great demand in the web hosting Dubai industry.

Website owners can choose from a plethora of options when it comes to hosting VPS hosting solutions. The solutions from VPS hosting Dubai is ideal for those users who cannot afford expensive dedicated servers but don’t want to go with shared servers and the limitations that come with it.

Why go for a Linux VPS solution?

Web pages have grown in quality over the years. Dynamic and immersive websites require a stable, reliable, and expandable platform to function at its best. This is why Linux-based distributions are preferable.

Because Linux is a free open source operating system, there won’t be additional costs for the operating system. Most Linux-based hosting packages are also open source while offering similar or better benefits compared to Windows hosting solutions.

How does it differ from other hosting types?

Reliable Linux-based hosting services come with many benefits including large and expandable storage space, mailboxes, high uptime guarantee etc. However, cloud-based Linux solutions are still looked at with concerns over its security. The server resources would also be shared by other websites.

In such scenarios, website owners tend to look at dedicated hosting solutions. But a dedicated server in Dubai, even a cheap one, can be quite expensive to many growing or small-medium sized businesses.

As an alternative, they can go for semi-dedicated cloud-based hosting services. Despite being cheaper than a standard VPS hosting solution, these services still have limitations including one where there isn’t any support for applications that require certain specific services and scripts.

A VPS hosting solution offers the right amount of high level performance a business needs, and at cheaper price tags. When the operating system is Linux, the price again goes down because it’s open source. Each partition in a VPS server allocated to different users will function as a separate environment, not getting affected by other partitions sharing server resources.

Users will have full control over their virtual machines as well. They can install web-based control panels to manage servers or via SSH, have dedicated IPs and root access. Conclusively, VPS hosting is for those who can’t afford dedicated servers but requires something better than shared servers.