3 SEO-Friendly Tips from Reputed WordPress Hosts in Dubai
3 SEO-Friendly Tips from Reputed WordPress Hosts in Dubai

Web hosting and search engine optimization never dwindle when it comes to demand. Every website needs a home, or rather a host, on the internet and they need SEO to appear on search engine results. Every popular hosting provider in the web hosting UAE industry would likely suggest best SEO practices to make your hosted website more visible to search engines. 

The SEO aspect has undergone many changes over the past few years, with the use of mobile devices surpassing desktops. In addition, access to fast internet also changed user expectations. They now expect websites to load fast, and are likely to look for other alternatives if the website takes more than a couple of seconds to load. Google also recommends great site speed now, which would be considered for search engine rankings by the tech giant’s search engine algorithm.

All the trends made it particularly challenging for bloggers. Because WordPress is the most popular blogging and blog hosting platform in the world, many companies providing WordPress hosting Dubai services started offering SEO-friendly hosting packages. 

That said, here are a few SEO-friendly tips from the top WordPress hosts in Dubai. 

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A CDN is basically a set of servers that can be tasked with delivering web pages and web content faster according to user location and webpage server. Tools like CloudFlare offer free CDN that boosts the site’s performance and delivers content faster on any device. Such tools can be useful for bloggers. 

In addition, cloud hosting in Dubai also offers hosting packages with CDN add-ons. Hosting on the cloud will provide the website with lots of resources and features scalability. The CDN add-ons can ensure best site speed, complementing the website’s SEO strategies. 

Image compression

Some blogs may liberally use a lot of images which readers are likely to consume more than plain text. However, abundance of images can considerably impact site speed, slowing the website down. Most WordPress hosting services allow web owners to use plugins to tweak their website and its performance. WordPress plugins like ShortPixel can compress these images without compromising the quality regardless of image size, ensuring that the images don’t affect site speed much. 

Caching plugin

Another SEO-friendly plugins that reputed hosting providers suggest to improve speed of WordPress blogs are caching plugins. The plugins essentially create a static version of the WordPress blog to deliver to site users. The plugins are also easy to enable and disable.  


To derive results from effective SEO, the web owner has to be patient. He can either do it all with an in-house team or by hiring an SEO expert. However, it should be noted that the website itself should have a strong foundation for search engine optimizing it. The website’s design and its hosting server plays a key role in how effective the SEO efforts on a website would be. Due to this, a great approach is to go for services from SEO-friendly web host, who will help out with keeping up the site’s performance and improve its visibility.