Top 5 Reasons to Choose Managed WordPress Hosting
Top 5 Reasons to Choose Managed WordPress Hosting

A managed WordPress hosting is a hosting service focused on optimizing WordPress sites only. It offers an array of services including security, speed, WordPress updates, daily backups, website uptime, and scalability. All technical aspects of running the website including domain registration for their UAE businesses is managed by the host.

Also, because the environment is set up from scratch for WordPress, there is no reason to consider software and frameworks that run on other sites and applications. The tools that are used for the server are for WordPress use only or to help it run smoothly. The important part is to provide maximum performance without the requirement of managing a software.

While a VPS for the UAE market comes preconfigured for widespread use, WordPress hosting is built for WordPress only.

Here are the 5 reasons why one should choose managed WordPress hosting for their websites.


1.      Security

Digital security attacks is a serious concern for businesses. Although there is no fool proof method that are available, one can still make the best of what is present and other built in security enhancements. Managed hosting providers prioritizes nightly backups of the user website with which users can swiftly restore in the instance of any disaster. Moreover, the managed hosts also optimize the servers for WordPress security, so that the users need not distress over security plugins.

Another major advantage of using managed WordPress hosting is the ability to remove malware. On the instances of an attack, a managed WordPress host’s team would help in the removal of the malware.     


2.      One-Click Staging Sites


A WordPress staging area means the copy of the user website in a development environment. It is an excellent place for safe experiments before applying for changes. This can be a great add on to any website owner’s workflow. A majority of the managed WordPress hosts often have a staging site with a plan or offer as an additional add-on. Generally, it takes only a handful of clicks to set up a staging site and apply and remove the changes in real time, thereby making it easier for anyone who wants to keep the production site secure.



3.      Features other than Server Setups

Fast and secure servers are crucial for any website that has high levels of performance. One of the major benefits of using a managed WordPress hosting provider is that they offer services beyond setting up servers such as workflow tools, collaboration features along with educational resources. This is why managed WordPress hosting is advocated as the best option for any business. Although, the specific features for every managed WordPress hosting are going to differ, choosing the one that is built to support the ideal workflow of an individual’s business can prove to make major impact on the value that an business makes out of it.   

4.      User Friendly installation of SSL Certificates


With a managed WordPress hosting service, it is easy to install the SSL certificate on the website. Generally, the process of installing the SSL certificates involves a lot of back and forth communication between correspondence between the hosting provider and the certificate. Whereas, with a managed WordPress hosting provider, the process of installing SSL certificates only takes a few steps. A majority of WordPress hosts also provides free SSL certificates, and for anyone who wants an advanced SSL certificate, a managed hosting provider can be of great help.


5.      Continuous Support from Experts

The advantage of a managed WordPress provider is that there is a team of reliable WordPress experts. As a managed web hosting companies in UAE is concerned about a single CMS, the people working behind them are more experienced in dealing with a large number of queries about WordPress.

Moreover, the managed hosts offers services such as 24×7 chat, in-app ticketing or even community forums.